Economic Dimension

Veolia makes sure to maintain good relations with all suppliers, shareholders and customers and commits to voluntarily meet above-standard customer indicators. The group has its own code of ethics and follows a responsible procurement strategy. Veolia guides the general public towards environment conservation and fosters the development of local communities through its own educational projects.



Our business relations with clients are based on a long-term partnership strategy. We aim to be a steady, dependable and credible partner that listens to the customers’ needs and requirements and makes their expectations reality. In doing so, we successfully use our extensive know-how obtained in the many years of operation in the Ukrainian market. We are constantly innovative, which differentiates us from our competitors, and we bring our partners new and efficient solutions.

Ethics and compliance

The observance of ethic and legal standards, zero tolerance of corruption, discrimination and cartel agreements are among Veolia’s lasting priorities. Our code of ethics is binding for all 174,000 employees across five continents of the globe.
VEOLIA company is listed on the Euronext stock exchange (Paris, France), so the trading of its financial instruments is subject to the French penal law and directives on insider trading.