Business Activities

In Ukraine Veolia is operating in the waste management area. We offer to our customers a wide range of  knowledge and solutions helping to cope with a number of environmental, social and economic challenges and promote sustainable development of cities and industry.
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of waste management in Ukraine, we help our customers manage, optimize and make the most of their resources, promoting the transition toward a circular economy.


  • Collection, transportation and disposal of solid municipal waste;
  • Separate collection of recoverable resources, their sorting and selling;
  • Disposal of large-size, industrial and other waste, using containers from 11 м3. to 36 м3;
  • Selling of containers for all types of waste from our warehouse located in Kyiv;
  • Disinfection, repair, and cleaning of waste containers;
  • Consulting services in the waste management area;
  • Multiservices for VIP customers;
  • Construction and operation of transfer stations;
  • Construction, operation and reclaiming of landfills;
  • Construction and operation of sorting facilities;
  • Waste management conception development;
  • Implementation of environmental programs in the educational institutions of Ukraine.


  • Water supply and sanitation:

Based on many years of experience in implementing projects in the world, particular in Central and Eastern Europe, we offer our clients - water utilities of cities with a population of more than 100 thousand inhabitants, management and long-term operation of sewage treatment plants, which allow us to ensure the quality of services, optimize energy efficiency, use natural resources sparingly and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Based on a concession agreement, within the framework of a public-private partnership or operational agreement, etc., Veolia manages the production and distribution of drinking water, providing round-the-clock supply of drinking water of the required quality, is responsible for collecting and treating wastewater, expands, modernizes and retains assets, makes the necessary investments, ensuring all work processes in order to provide high-quality services.


  • Energy:

Operation of central heating systems (from 20 MW), supply of electricity (from 4 MW) in residential areas, management of heating system and supply of electricity for industrial enterprises, using biomass as an alternative source of energy for heating.

Veolia company is actively developing the industry of thermal and electrical energy production from biomass in the world and plans to develop the industry in Ukraine. At the first stages of the development of this area in Ukraine, the possibility of buying already existing business is considered, at the next stages construction of new objects that generate electricity and thermal energy.

It is necessary to highlight the possibility of energy production from waste by burning it. Waste that cannot be processed is transported to incineration plants or to an authorized place of removal (disposal) - a solid municipal waste landfill. In the process of burning, energy is produced in the form of steam, which can provide centralized or industrial heat networks, or be converted into electricity with the help of turbines. At landfills, Veolia captures gas produced by the fermentation of organic waste, which can be directly delivered to the distribution network, used to generate electricity through turbines or engines.