Industrial and Commercial

Integrated approach to environmental issues

Veolia Ukraine team has the experience to provide reliable and cost-effective waste management services that are customised for your schedule and help your operations.
Our highly skilled industrial  services can minimise your costs and operational downtime while adding value to your industrial processes.
With support from the rest of our business in Ukraine, we can deliver a consistently high standard of waste management service, in full compliance with local regulations, across a wide range of markets.

Our services

  • Collection, transportation and disposal of solid municipal waste;
  • Separate collection of recoverable resources, their sorting and selling;
  • Disposal of large-size, industrial and other waste, using containers from 11 м3. to 36 м3;
  • Selling of containers for all types of waste from our warehouse located in Kyiv;
  • Consulting services in the waste management area;
  • Multiservices for VIP customers;
  • Waste management conception development.