Resourcing the World

Veolia is committed to making the current and future world a more sustainable place. Its goal is to secure the required resources for the world through the design and implementation of solutions that will enable us to develop access to resources, preserve resources and replenish resources.

In order to meet this goal, the company underwent a radical transformation resulting in a new ambition and motto, which also constitutes its commitment: “Resourcing the World.” Veolia is in a position to demonstrate its social responsibility and sustainability commitments through actual results. These commitments aim to protect the environment and enable human development of our clients as well as ourselves. This is why the company has decided to define and declare nine key commitments in the three main areas. For each of these commitments, precise goals have been defined and are to be achieved by 2020. 

Our commitments to resourcing the planet

1 – Sustainably manage natural resources by supporting circular economy
2 – Contribute to combating climate change
3 – Conserve and restore biodiversity

Our commitments to resourcing regions

4 – Build new models for relations and value creation with our stakeholders
5 – Contribute to local development
6 – Supply and maintain services crucial to human health and development

Our commitments to the people who work for our company

7 – Guarantee a healthy and safe working environment
8 – Encourage the professional development and commitment of each employee
9 – Guarantee respect for diversity and human and fundamental social rights within the company