Veolia in Ukraine representatives met with teachers of the Svyatopetrivskiy Academic Lyceum on the topic of Environmental safety and sustainable development

On April 18, an exciting lecture on "Environmental safety and sustainable development" was held at the Sviatopetrivskiy Academic Lyceum, organized by Veolia company represented by "Altfather Kyiv" LLC. The event was held with the support of the head of the Bilohorodska village council and the housing and communal services and improvement of the Bilohorodska community. Lecture launched an educational program on separate waste collection at the Sviatopetrivskiy Lyceum. Representatives of the Veolia company in Ukraine shared their experience and knowledge with 60 proactive teachers about the importance of environmental safety and sustainable development. We look forward to further coordination with the authorities to expand the project from separate collection and scaling to the entire united territorial community. Cooperation in this direction can significantly improve the environmental situation in the region and contribute to sustainable development at the local level. Educational activities will contribute to increasing environmental awareness and responsibility among young people and general public awareness of environmental preservation