Veolia Ukraine company carries on educational school programs in Kyiv

For a long time humanity has been living in conditions of ecological crisis caused by the progress of society of total consumption. Therefore, Veolia Ukraine company is trying to draw attention of Ukrainian children to the ecology issue, to tell them how we can improve by common efforts the environmental situation in our country and prove that we can all directly participate to the recovery of world resources.

The new environmental program of Veolia Ukraine company "Resourcing the world" is developped for school children from the first up to eleventh grade to deepen their knowledge of rational use of resources, specially in the waste management area. The program envisages ecological courses in the secondary schools of Solomyansky area and other districts of Kyiv from March to December 2016.

The key idea of the program is to rethink consumer habits of children from "take, use and throw" to a model where the goods are produced and promoted in such a way that their materials and components can be used many times. in this way, we can make a maximum use of secondary resources ( waste), puting them in the circular economy.

The first courses were held in schools43, 149, 121 of Solomyansky district, high school100 and 19 of Podol area, school153 and 24 of Shevchenkivsky district, University "UKRAINE" and school254 of Sviatoshynsky district in Kyiv.

If you are interested to have ecological courses in your institution, please contact Veolia Ukraine team:

Solomyansky district- SHYDENKO Tetiana, +38 (050) 383 18 49, e-mail: [email protected]
Other districts of Kyiv - MAKSUTENKO Anna, +38 (050) 383 09 13, e-mail: [email protected]