Veolia Ukraine celebrates Health and Safety Day

Every year on April 28th, the International Labour Organisation, governments, trade unions, employers' organizations celebrate the International Health and Safety Day to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases. This year Veolia Ukraine company celebrated this day in the picturesque Carpathian mountains in the Bukovel region, organising a number of events promoting health and safety culture, preventing workplace accidents, occupational diseases and other cases that could threaten the life or the health of employees.

In 2016 the  motto of the International Health and Safety Day is " Stress in the workplace - collective challenge".
It is known that the best way to deal with stress is to have a good rest, and the best rest is the active one, especially if it is combined with fresh air,  high mountains and a sense of adventure, which  had Veolia team at the end of the official part of the program.

Veolia Ukraine team showed an extraordinary courage and audacity while overcaming two summits "Hamster" and "Bruise" rising to a height of 1 542 and 1 665 meters above the sea level. From their own experience they proved that by overcoming worthily difficult obstacles, people become stronger,  gaining more faith in their own strength, deeply feel people's support and appreciate more the results of the common work .