Veolia and Nestlé are launching a large-scale waste collection and recycling project

On September 14, 2020, the world leader in resource management, Veolia, together with Nestlé in Ukraine and Moldova, announced the launch of a project for separate waste collection in the Makariv, Novi Petrivtsi and Stari Petrivtsi locations. The companies join forces and invest UAH 57 million over 5 years in infrastructure development in three cities near Kyiv with a population of about 28 thousand inhabitants. The project aims to develop waste collection and processing infrastructure, as well as to increase the overall level of secondary raw material collection. The project will make it possible to practically implement the principle of extended producer responsibility in certain territories, which assigns responsibility for waste management primarily to the manufacturer-from the moment of product creation to the stage of packaging processing. As part of the initiative and preparation of urban infrastructure for the project, it is planned to install more than 200 specialized containers for collecting such types of waste: paper, metal, glass and plastic. According to the calculations of Veolia specialists, this will allow collecting about 20 tons of glass and 25 tons of other types of waste every month. All collected waste will be recycled and reused to reduce waste generation in local communities