The official launch of the project for separate collection of secondary raw materials at the Svyatopetrivskiy Academic Lyceum

On April 23, the Svyatopetrivskiy Academic Lyceum took part in an event that marks an important step in environmental protection. Supported by the Veolia team in Ukraine, represented by "Altvater Kyiv" LLC, the program for the separate collection of secondary resources has officially started its activities in the educational institution.

This step clearly indicates the importance of environmental initiatives and a responsible attitude towards natural resources. The initiative aimed at separate collection of waste helps to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills and stimulates conscious consumption among students and staff of the educational institution

The success of this program can serve as an important step for scaling it to the level of the entire OTG.

In addition, the Svyatopetrivskiy Academic Lyceum also announced the collection of waste paper, and the funds collected as a result of this action will be directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Such initiatives demonstrate not only a deep understanding of social responsibility, but also the importance of joint efforts of the community and business in preserving the environment and supporting national defenders