"Lighthouse" project renewal on the territories of Makariv & Petrivtsi

Dear friends and partners!

We are glad to announce that according to the decision of Nestle company in Ukraine to renew the financing of the separate waste collection project on the territory of Petrivska and Makarivska OTG, we are renewing the Mayak project on the above-mentioned territories!
Despite the challenges caused by the war and difficult economic conditions, Nestlé and Veolia have found an opportunity to continue a project that helps communities create a safe and clean environment.
Therefore, we urge all residents to follow the rules of waste sorting for the sake of preserving the environment and maintaining the cleanliness of your towns!
Taking into account difficult situation, the following container maintenance schedule is established:
 yellow containers - 1 year / 10 days
 green containers - unchanged, 1 year/2 months

We count on your support, because the project will work successfully only with the conscious attitude and participation of each member of the community. This is our joint contribution to the Great Victory and the future of our country!​