International Health Week at the Veolia Group.

On the 16th September within the week of Safety and Health protection was held a series of events under the motto “We are observing. We care ». The purpose of the event was to help prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace, as well as to increase knowledge in the field of safety and health among employees.

This year were held: lectures, seminars with using video materials and creative posters, created directly by employees of enterprises; First Aid Trauma Training with the support of Red Cross staff.️ Trainings using an intoxication simulator; employees were given the opportunity to perform simple repair work, collect spare parts, and pass between small obstacles. Employees of all Veolia Group businesses have been active at all parts of the event.

The information campaign aims to draw public attention to the problems in the field of occupational safety and to the increasing number of injuries, illnesses and deaths related to work activities.

Thank you to everyone who organized, joined, and actively participated in the Occupational Health Week program! 🤝