ECO Challenge in plogging format. Irpin city

09/22/19 Irpin took the relay race and became the next participant of the All-Ukrainian ECO Challenge in the format of "plogging".

Plogging (plog translated from Swedish - "plow") - the process of collecting trash while jogging - is a popular movement in Europe, a hybrid of a healthy lifestyle and environmental concern.

Plugging in Ukraine has just started its movement.

The students of the Real Madrid Foundation Sports and Sports School initiated and conducted a flash mob to clean up the terrain in Ternopil and handed the Challenge to a partner in Kyiv, who in turn held a similar event in Kiev on September 21 and passed the Challenge to Irpin.

On September 22, Irpin passed the relay to Uzhgorod.

Carrying out such flash mobs is the public's attention to the environmental problems of the region, and experience shows that with the help of famous people, sports stars, bloggers, journalists, well-known brands we will get a significant impulse to solve them.


The Challenge was attended by:

- Children-pupils of socio-sports school "Real Madrid Foundation" Ternopil

- Future graduates of the Real Madrid Foundation's Irpin School

- Pupils and teachers of ILIT Lyceum, IAL Lyceum, School # 17

- Pupils of Irpen's out-of-school education center

- Sports territory "Sports territory"

- Irpin Youth Public Council

- students of UDFSU

- Society of the Red Cross of Ukraine.

- Veolia Company, which provided the event with a bright garbage truck, durable garbage collection packages and helped to take out and dispose of all garbage collected

- Delicia and Coca-Cola Company with delicious gifts for Challenge participants