1st module of the training "Waste Management and Alternative Energy in Journalism"

On February 27-29, 2020, in Kyiv, supported by NGO "Regional Press Development Institute" and FOJO Media Institute (Sweden), the 1st module of the training "Waste Management and Alternative Energy in Journalism" was held.

To participate in the training, a competition was held, which resulted in the selection of 16 representatives of regional media.

International and Ukrainian experts in the field of journalism and ecology took part as speakers and experts, namely: Matthias Vogel, Executive Director for waste management in Central and Eastern Europe of Veolia, Director of the region of Ukraine; Olexandr Korolyuk, Director of Veolia enterprises in Ukraine; Maxim Barinov, Director of the Association "Ukrecoalliance"; Oleg Khomenok, member of the Board of Directors of the Global network of investigative journalists-GIJN, senior adviser on media issues of Internews Network; Sergiy Golovnev, an expert on gas and energy issues, editor of Business Censor, and Irina Chernysh are co-founders of the Save Dnipro initiative and the only environmental chatbot in Ukraine, SaveEcoBot, which combines data on pollution, pollutants, and environmental protection tools.

The training is a two-module training program, during which journalists were able to communicate with national and international experts on ecology and waste management, reviewed the organization of waste management in Ukraine and Europe, got acquainted with the work of waste management companies in Kyiv and the region, visited waste incineration plant “Energia” and PE “Obukhivmiskresursy”.

Thanks to the organizers and look forward to the 2nd module to be held on March 12-13, 2020