Emergency measures at Veolia enterprises in Ukraine in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Veolia Ukraine makes every effort to continue its normal operation, to ensure the full functioning of all enterprises and to provide full service to its customers.

The following safety measures are taken at the enterprises:

♦ All employees are required to undergo daily medical examinations and temperature measurements;

♦ Distributed informational materials about the recommendations of the strict regime of personal hygiene: frequent and prolonged hand washing, use of antiseptic agents for the hands;

♦ Mandatory wearing of protective masks, gloves;

♦ Installed additional disinfectants and antibacterial (quartz) lamps;

♦ Increased frequency of cleaning /disinfection tablets (chlorine) and other antiseptics offices, workshops, truck cabins, social areas;

♦ Remote work of office employees has been introduced and a special procedure for communication with clients has been implemented; 

♦  Compliance with WHO recommendations;